Syarikat Abdul Ghaffar is uniquely positioned as a Penang- based company with unsurpassed experience in the import and export of spices, herbs and dry fruits industry in Malaysia. The company successfully celebrates its 64nd anniversary this year -2013.

Established in 1949 by Abdul Ghaffar & incorporated in 1992, the company has fearlessly ventured into south East , Singapore, Thailand , Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines.

We are the pioneer in the aforemenentioned industry and our strategy is the build operations into market leader in every route we ply, each with support of our extensive knoeledge and long-standing relationship with our loyal customers.

Our product variety is immense-including dates, raisin, prunes, apricots, pistachios, Arabian delights and diverse middle east delicacies.

Having sound customers loyalty over the years, SAG has successfully opened its outlet, one in penang island, another in Bukit Minyak and third located at Kangar, Perlis.


Established in 1940 by M.Abdul Ghaffar, the company is known as Fathima Traders and located in No.75, Jalan Penang. In business in the region is the import and export of commodities such as onions, potatoes, chilli, garlic and spices.

World War II marked the change of name of the company to M.Abdul Ghaffar. The official change occurred in 1949. Despite the great success, SAG remained a small family owned and operated business. Ghaffar M.Abdul sudden departure in 1961 was a great loss to the family. Nevertheless, the business was cried through by the late M.Abdul Gaffar's elder brother M.Abdul Hamid from 1961 - 1980.

After the unfortunate death M.Abdul Hamid in 1980 to make way for young entrepreneurs and smart A.Abdul Malick (only child M.Abdul Ghaffar) to take responsibility and carry the legacy started by his late father, A.Abdul Malick. The starting point has changed its company name to SAG Trading Sdn.

Currently, SAG Trading Sdn. importing goods from India, Myanmar, Hong Kong, China, Egypt, Iran, and Indonesia. The company also exports to Domestic and International Markets, mostly in Southeast Asia. The company is exporting Spices and Herbs (Crude Drugs / Raw Medicine). The rapid sale of spices are spices (Corriander Seed), Jintan Putih (Cumin Seed) and Fennel Seeds (Fennel Seed). Meanwhile, the company is going and popular in herbal products include dried ginger, cumin and Senna Leaf (Daun Cinamaki).




To provide the best-in-class, trusted quality products and be our customer’s preferred choice in every aspect of our services. Company vision is to achieve these with honesty, integrity and high ethical standards.



To refresh the world with the best of dates, dry fruits, and nuts and to lead company own brand with driving creativity in everything we do. Products quality and focus on the best needs and satisfaction of our consumers and customers are both at the forefront of our mission. We are insatiably curious in striving for excellence in our innovation and everything we do to continually improve all aspects of the world we operate in-namely social, economic and environment.


Customer loyalty

We inspire trust. We focus on customer satisfaction and strive for customer loyalty. We do not merely satisfy customers but we give them an experience of exceptional service worthy of their repeat business with our company and also referral.


We believe that time does not change things. We do! We take risks, we learn , wee change, we grow. Growth is an important objective of our company, sonwe seize every opportunity that comes our way and make the best out of it. We believe that without chances we would not grow.

Market leadership

We say what we do and we do what we say. Our prime focus is our customers. We lead with ethics, product quality and integrity – in all that we have to give.

Commitment to employees

Being open and inclusive. Respect on employees including listening to their points of view and do support them the need arises (both professionally and personally).


Our Shared Values

Respect for individuals & Integrity

We foster an evironment that is appealing and embracing to treat each person in a respectful manner, reflecting our culture and values. Respect means we value diversity. Integrity means we do not compromise our ethical principles.

Achievement & Contribution           

We lead from the head and the heart. We do not seek achievement for only ourselves BUT also for the progress & prosperity of our community. Our ambitions are broad enough to include the aspirations & need of others for their sakes & for our own.

Teamwork Oriented

We discuss, we decide and we deliver. Teamwork divides out task and multiplies our success. No man is an island, evry person in our team is a part of our achievement.

Meaningful Innovation

We set the highest standards of excellence  in our purchasing of products, roasting, packing, delivering. We never compromise in making a difference. Any good food product must be a meaningful innovation.

The SAG carries the " Saudagar Kurma " brand name which has been registered in class 29 under the Trade Marks Act 1976 and Trade Marks Regulations 1997. The name was chosen as its main products are the variety of imported dates from Middle East countries.



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