Having as an emblem a camel emerging from a coffee cup, "Arab Cafe" is a place where all things are possible in our community where deversity is cherished. A first of its kind, this is our signature outlet with a unique concept. "Feel the Fresh" all day long with a variety of coffee, tea, fresh juices and exotic drinks.

Why exotic? Because the idea is for the customers to choose their combination of datesand nuts, we blend it to perfection right before them. Taking a look at the menu, you will instantly understand that "Arab Cafe" will fulfil expectations of the most demanding clientele.

Being a one-stop healthy beverage corner thet combines freshly blended dates, nuts and a touch of our secret recipe, the outcome is an experience that makes one say "This is what i really want!".


The retail outlet sells more than 2,000 items, which are classified into few main categories such as Dates, Dry Fruit, Dates by Product, Nuts, Confectionary, Beverages, Locally repacked, Tea and Biscuit, Cosmetic, Honey and Oil, Vinegar and Concentrated, Cooking items, Bakhlawa and Health.


SAG Maufacturing Sdn. Bhd. is a subsidiary of Syarikat Abdul Ghaffar Trading Sdn. Bhd. Companies well known as one of the importer and exporter product basically on herbs, spices, and dry fruit. SAG Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (SAGM) operated as a production of all product required by customer order thru head quarter which is Syarikat Abdul Ghaffar Trading Sdn Bhd (SAGT). Most of all product produce by company are using raw material specially imported from abroad such as Egypt, Iran, China, Indonesia and few more countries.




SAG Trading Sdn Bhd offered varieties product of dry food such as raisins, prunes, apricot, pomelo, kiwi and so on. Companies also have several type of peanut such as almond, cashew, pistachios and others. Currently, the organization have marketed their brand and product locally and abroad. Most of international market enter by company are around South East Asia.



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